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Geteye has been an active beatmaker since the early 2000s. From an early age, he embarked on this adventure alongside his sidekick Oteest, forming the duo Strangenature. Their musical journey began on Groove eJay, where, despite a limited budget, they exploited the software intensively, even transforming its use into a veritable sampler. Geteye later migrated to Ableton, a tool he still uses today.

Geteye’s influences are diverse and reflect his love of melodic sampling. His main inspirations include such iconic figures as Madlib, J Dilla, Kankick, Hi-Tek, Mo Kolours, Afta1, KNLO and Iman Omari. In France, artists such as Onra, Astronote and Barrio have also had an impact on Geteye’s creations.

His music is characterized by a distinctive grain treatment and realistic drum work, creating a unique and captivating sound universe.

Geteye’s career began to take off during the « good old days » of Myspace, where he was particularly active, forging virtual and real links with other enthusiasts. This period was marked by notable collaborations, such as his appearance on Soulection’s first beat tape and his inclusion in La Fine Equipe’s La boulangerie project. He also signed to Nowadays Records, the Just à Lil Beat pt2 project in collaboration with Mr Hone. In parallel, on the Bandcamp platform, Geteye has released various beat tapes and remixed and revisited album projects. More recently, he collaborated with French rapper TIS on the Étrange Nature project.

Geteye currently lives off his other passion, aviation, but this doesn’t stop him from coming up with new projects, with his new album Kid due for release in April 2024.

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