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Marian Tone

Artist bio

Marian Tone’s productions sound like a mixof Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, World music and many other styles.

He was first connected to music when he was 7 through his weekly keyboard lessons. At 12, he started to scratch his first vinyls on his brother’s turntables and didn’t stop since then.
Until today he keeps collecting vinyls and spinning records during party, concerts, open air festivals or Hip Hop jams supporting shows for international artists, such as Blitz the Ambassador, Black Milk, WeFunk Radio, Ladi6, Freddy Fischer, Lady Daisy in Berlin and around Germany. In 2009, he started the Beatkollektiv to promote Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and Beatmaker events. Marian is a musician, he can play drums, percussions, keyboard; and a professional audio engineer, he recorded multiple projects such as songs on the Miramode Orchestra with Clara Hill.

In his life, he is doing different music, not only beats,staying open-minded and eclecticism are the keywords. His first vinyl simply called EP one was released on Dooinit Music.

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