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J-Zen - HHV

J-Zen x HHV

J-Zen interview in HHV magazine (german) Interview en allemand de J-Zen dans le magazine HHV

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J-Zen - Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure – J-Zen

Guilty Pleasure by J-Zen is available! More than the classic EP with 1 track instrumental & acapella per side, this EP coming with 1 track on each side plus 2 instrumentals which makes 6 bangers. This release includes participation of Shawn Jackson (Tres Records,L.A) & Substantial (QN5, Baltimore) Available on[…]

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Guilty Pleasure teaser

Guilty Pleasure Teaser

Guilty pleasure teaser In this video J-Zen talk about his EP Guilty Pleasure, his trip to Los Angeles, working with Substantial, Shawn Jackson & Dave Cooley.

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J-Zen - Breakfast

Breakfast – J-Zen

J-Zen – BREAKfast (2009) First beat tape by J-Zen the light version is available (free download): J-Zen – BREAKfast Light full version available in the Dooinit Shopp Tracklist 1 Wake up call (1:32) 2 Chocolate milk (3:15) 3 Too late (2:46) 4 On the toaster (2:51) 5 Vitamine D (ooinit)[…]

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