Marian Tone – EP One

  • Date: 09-Juil-2013
  • Label: Dooinit Music
Marian Tone – EP One
This record is a piece of the soul of Marian Tone. It is more than a beatmaker tape. He recorded many different insruments for example Saxophone, Guitarron, Bass, Violin, Drums, Jazzpiano, different percussions and many more. All tracks are produced and arranged by himself.

Produced, written & mixed by Marian Tone for Beatkollektiv & Dooinit Music
Mastered by Robert Wenzel

Natali Funk (Sax),
Keys Richards (Keys),
Tilman Tschacher(Bass/Guitarron),
Sabine Bremer (FX Violin),
Marian Tone (Drums/Percussions)

Available on vinyl

Tracklisting :

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