Nicky Lars

Nicky Lars BioMC & music producer from Paris, France / Photo by ©Bazaz


Nicky Lars ’s first step in hip hop was in 1996 as an MC. In 2001, he purchased a MPC 2000XL « It was out of curiosity … to learn more about my passion, I was like I’m going to make two or three songs and resell this thing!”
A few years later, he was producing music as a fixture on the thriving Paris scene, influenced by artists such as the Native Tongues, Slum Village, the X (men), Hifi and Les Sages Poetes de la Rue.
As a MC, Nicky Lars remained true to his Parisian underground roots and made guest appearances on various projects with French artists such as Guiguipop, Broke Niggaz Crew, Osmojam, as well as catching the attention of international collaborators like Brea (Deep Rooted) & Rita.J

His 2010 project “The Jamiroquai beat tape” garnered much recognition with all-inspired production and samples from the British acid jazz band.

For his first long awaited album, “Musica Negra”, released on Dooinit Music. Nicky Lars returns to his roots by drawing his samples and inspiration from Afro-Caribbean music. Guided by the spirit of FELA Kuti, the unafraid way Gwoka masters Guy konquet & Jean Jaques Rovelas represent Guadeloupe Island, the great sound of Brazilian Tropicalia era and a post J-Dilla production aesthetic, Nicky Lars succeed to drew his very own picture and bring back the cool in French Hip Hop Afrocentricism.

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